Data Knowledge Platform

Problem of Industry

Companies have a huge amount of data but they are distributed as sparse from the view of storage intermediates and data types. They cannot make a federated search through their data, advanced reporting, measuring data quality or extract knowledge from all over them. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to take prediction needed actions which have been learned from all types of data at a company. That results in efficiency problems for the industry.

What We Do

At Lagom, we are creating solutions to leverage humankind efforts to make decisions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. As a part of it, we solve data protection and privacy issues, efficiency problems of industry and performing prediction needed actions at critical systems.

Lagom Data Knowledge Platform

We offer Lagom Data Knowledge Platform to solve problems of industry and our solutions are built on this platform. We have unique modules at our platform to cover all the problems that the industry needs:

  • Data Lake
  • Enterprise Search
  • Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Quality
  • Actions

Lagom Data Governance

We provide data governance solution at our platform so one can connect any data sources to Lagom including both structured (i.e. databases) and unstructured (i.e. file systems, e-mails, documents) data sources and then can search, analyze, report on them, and also take automated actions via static or ML-based rules as blazing fast. So, we solve data privacy, data quality and data protection problems including GDPR requirements.

Philosophy Behind Us

Lagom is a Swedish word which describes the art of balanced living, roughly translates to "perfect simple" or "just enough". The value of "just enough" can be compared to the idiom "less is more", or contrasted to the value of "more is better". The term fits well with our philosophy and product development. We always try to make solutions for complex problems which are well suited for needs in a perfectly simple manner, indeed Lagom.


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